Axia Consultants RFI RFP Accounting-Software Efficiency

Important software efficiency criterion

Below is a list of the top 20 essential criterion for reliability, efficiency and ease of use for business software. If you are about to select new business software such as Accounting, BI, CRM, Payroll o

System reliability – good software should:

  1. Be totally reliable and consistently perform the required software functions
  1. Provide internal system controls to ensure accuracy, integrity and completeness eg data input and accuracy checks, validation, authorization
  1. Maintain full records eg to:
  • trace any transaction item
  • provide a full audit trail
  • provide a full record of all balances and transactions
  1. Support manual control procedures eg control reports
  1. Provide system security via multiple, configurable passwords / levels of security
  1. Provide backup and restore facilities for programs and data
  1. Support your organization, by running over your (chosen) network, database and hardware platform(s)

Operational efficiency – good software should:

  1. Provide configurable automation of system and business workflow processes
  1. Require data to be entered only once, with no re-keying
  1. Have configurable parameter / table facilities
  1. Provide easily configurable data import programs
  1. Operate quickly and efficiently, with acceptable system performance
  1. Enable real time and / or batch processing
  1. Support the number of concurrent system users you require, at peak processing / enquiry times, with no degradation of system performance
  1. Support your chosen operational set up eg whether using SaaS, running a Shared Service Centre, single or multiple sites
  1. Have a vendor warranty as to the software specification and performance
  1. Run on industry standard hardware
  1. Run with hardware independent operating system

Ease of use – good software should be:

  1. Easy to learn, with:
  • standard system commands
  • colour coding
  • on-screen help facilities
  • clearly written user / system documentation
  1. Easy to use, with:
  • full access to all system functions, subject to individual user security profile(s)
  • straight forward system navigation
  • short cut keys, pull down menus, scroll backwards and forwards
  • tailorable menus, screens, reports
  • multi-tasking ie multiple applications / windows open at a time
  • on-screen prompts and messages that are clear and helpful eg requesting input, identifying input validation errors or processing errors

About AXIA Consulting

AXIA Consulting provides technology and business consulting services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 100 to middle market companies, that seek a partner to add impactful value from day one. AXIA Consulting was founded to bring highly experienced consulting resources to help solve our client’s problems; implement business and technology efficiencies; and deliver bottom line results. AXIA’s consultants have years of business and technology experience from nationally-recognized consulting firms. AXIA is focused on our clients’ needs and does not use “one size fits all” solutions. AXIA combines the right business and technology skills to assist our clients overcome their challenges and provide long-term solutions. AXIA provides unbiased advice because we remain independent from vendors and do not upsell outsourcing, hardware or software.


Our business and technology associates are deeply experienced Senior Business and Systems Integration Consultants that average of almost 20 years of hands-on experience.

AXIA recruited a team of accomplished consultants, managers, industry specialists, and executives from other nationally-recognized consulting firms. This deep and broad expertise across industries, business processes, and technologies, coupled with our proven methodologies and tools, allows us to have an immediate and positive impact on our client engagements.


AXIA offers a refreshing alternative to a one-size-fits-all delivery model. AXIA Consulting uses an innovative approach that focuses on the needs of the clients we serve. While many of our clients face similar business and technology challenges, no two companies are alike.

First, we focus on gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business processes, their supporting technologies, and business and technology objectives.

Once we have gained that understanding, we then embark on a collaborative approach to design and implement solutions that truly meet our clients objectives and are sustainable long into the future. By doing this, we engage the project sponsorship, business process owners, the users, and the internal project teams right from the start. This team-based approached allows for an immediate and positive impact to the success of a project.


Many of AXIA’s clients have operations across the globe. Wherever our clients’ challenges arise, AXIA can assist our clients overcome them both by traveling to the location and/or working remotely with the clients’ local teams. AXIA’s consultants have the years of hands-on experience delivering global solutions and can use this experience to assist clients attain business goals at their international operations.

AXIA Consulting Technology

AXIA Consulting provides a wide range of technology services to our clients. Our consultants have the deep, hands on experience to help you overcome your technology challenges and to unleash the bottom line results from your technology investments. Our technology services include:

• Technology Direction and Strategy – services include: software selection, technology evaluation, strategy and program estimates and planning.

• Technology Delivery – services include: both ERP-package implementations and custom development with different methodologies including custom, package and Agile.

• Technical Architecture – services include: technical architecture planning, performance tuning, DBA, imaging, evaluations and implementations.

AXIA has two focused ERP practices, focused at bringing deep skills and proven methodologies to our clients:

• JD Edwards – Enterprise Software

• Oracle – Application and Development Practice

AXIA Consulting Services

AXIA Consulting has extensive experience assisting and advising clients in key service areas across industry lines. Our consultants deliver focused results across a broad range of areas from Client Advisory to Systems Implementations services. AXIA’s consultants have the years of experience to craft each project to meet the needs of our clients, taking into account each client’s unique set of circumstances. AXIA’s services include:

• Client Advisory

• Business Transformation & Process Improvement

• Program Management

• IT Strategy

• Merger & Integration

• System Implementation

AXIA Consulting Industries

AXIA Consulting assists our clients in overcoming their business challenges by having an in-depth understanding of the industries that we serve.

Among the industry sectors we serve are:

• Technology

• Manufacturing & Supply Chain

• Utilities & Energy

• Government & Higher Education

• Retail & eCommerce

• Financial Services

• Healthcare